Finely tuned, precisely built.

We develop the parts that your business needs to operate like a powerhouse engine.

Our Services

We offer services big and small to fit your business’ needs, see below what we offer.

Application Development

Whether you need a service running behind the scenes keeping your company running, a front-end desktop application for employees or clients, mobile applications, or all three talking together, we do it here. Our experience includes 7+ years in desktop and database related technologies.

We create all software with love and a touch of modern design principles that comes from the love and enjoyment for creating new and innovative products. We strive to make the coolest software available, all while remembering that usability and convenience should always be a priority.

Website Design

The same kind of love we have for modern application design goes in to our web designs. Every page, every image, every line is painstakingly crafted to make sure that your website is right for you, and will leave an impression on every visitor.

We are constantly expanding our toolkit to include the latest technologies. HTML5, CSS3/LESS, Bootstrap/Foundation, and jQuery (!!) are all a part of our standard design regiment and can be used to create more than just static web pages, but also real-time and dynamic web applications that allow users to interact with your company more now than ever before.

Information Technology Support

Our staff is available extended hours for your IT emergencies, and your satisfaction is our number one priority. Whether you need support for one of our custom software solutions, or anything else, we are here to help.

When working with software and computer services on a daily basis, it becomes almost second nature. Problem solving skills are an integral part of how software comes together, and we are extremely capible at debugging even the most rare technical problems.

Business & Branding Solutions

If you add up all of our services, what you get is an all-in-one package, to get your growing business from zero to one hundred. We do things such as logo design, branding, web development, mobile applications, database and statistics tracking, and can even manage and host your domains, company emails, websites and other services.

We've been in the industry for a long time, and our managed infrastructure is as easy as 1,2,3. Instead of paying lots of money for separate services from different large companies, get a bundle with us for your hosting needs.

Managed Hosting

We have managed server resources that can host any kinds of websites and applications, custom services, emails, and we even offer VPS and cloud storage solutions. Our servers are monitored by a 24/7 team of skilled professionals in state of the art datacenters with reach all around the world.

We can even help you configure your own in-house server setup. If you need something as simple as private network file share, or want to get more complicated and host your own public web-application, we will be there with you every step of the configuration process.


Our portfolio is currently under construction, but to learn more about our work you can:

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Who is Caesa?

I’m Caelan Sayler

My Story:
I was always inspired by technology, and the very first time I got my hands on a computer I was only 11 years old. Within an hour, I was already tearing it down to find out how things worked. It's this curiosity and inspiration to create that has fuelled my abilities and passion for software and web development. In elementary school, grade 8, is when I wrote my first piece of software and I've never stopped since then. I worked as a self-employed individual up until January of 2014 when Caesa Consulting Ltd. was born, and until that time worked at many jobs on top of development ranging from physical labour to customer relationship management.

My Experience:
I have an affinity for new things; I have always liked the newest phones, the newest cars, but also the newest programming techniques and tools. I make an effort to continually learn about new things in the software world, and will always have the latest and greatest technology at your disposal. Some of my primary passions include C#/.Net, Java, ASP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, Graphics Design (Illustrator/Photoshop), and others. I have maintained servers in both Linux and Windows for the last 7 years and am comfortable in both. On the windows platform, specifically with C#, I have extensive experience working with low-level windows hooks and platform invoke, com components, and unsafe pointers.